Rs. Rs.
Lia Herbal Body Lotion
Rs. 298.00
BenefitsLia Herbal Body Moisturizing Lotion with SPF is a Vegan, pH balanced and eco friendly ..
Lia Whitening Deo
Rs. 559.00
BenefitsNatural ingredients of lia whitening Deo helps to control the discolouration enzymes and pro..
Pearl Facial Foam Cleanser
Rs. 380.00
BenefitsHi Care Lia Pearl re lightening & whitening Face Wash Cleanser removes makeup, clean..
Lia Exfoliating Apricot Scrub
Rs. 465.00
BenefitsLia Exfoliating Scrub is made from natural apricot and almond oil. It not only removes d..
Lia Fruit Fairness Pack
Rs. 648.00
BenefitsLia Fairness pack contains precious botanical extracts along with a nutritious blend of fr..
Lia Skin Toner (Green Tea & Lime)
Rs. 445.00
BenefitsLia skin toner enlivens skin with special botanical extracts which helps to normalizes p..
Lia Advanced Multi Action Green Tea
Rs. 784.00
BenefitsLia Slim and Shape Premium Advance Multi Action  green tea contains pure green tea, ..
Lia Slim & Shape Green Tea
Rs. 409.00
BenefitsLia Slim and Shape green tea contains pure green tea, carefully blended with Gallic, Garci..
Lia Fresh Look
Rs. 495.00
BenefitsRefreshes your skin after a tiring day and provides a fresh look.IngredientsThulsi, kohoba, ..
Lia Liv on Conditioner
Rs. 470.00
BenefitsLia Liv on hair conditioner strengthens , removes dandruff and provides soft and  silky..
Lia Aloe Face Gel
Rs. 456.00
BenefitsMoisturizes dry skin and stops skin aging and protects your skin form damage caused by sunli..
Lia Aloe Body Gel
Rs. 460.00
BenefitsAyurveda refers to aloe vera as the miracle herb that can be used to treat wounds, minor ..
Lia Acne & Pimple Cream
Rs. 348.00
BenefitsLia Acne n Pimple Cream is a blend of 11 superior herbs from the ancient scriptures, tra..
Lia Anti Wrinkle Cream
Rs. 432.00
BenefitsWith Lia Anti Wrinkle Cream skin is relaxed, less lined, intensely re-plumped and visibl..
Lia Foot Care Cream
Rs. 324.00
BenefitsLia Foot Care Cream is completely safe and free from side effects as it is the harmonious ..
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